Small Grant Scheme

Opening Date:  1st April 2019

 Small Grant Guidance Notes

The Small Grants Scheme is made available by Pontypridd Town Council through Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972.  Section 137 states that any financial assistance awarded must bring direct benefit to a local authority’s area or any part of it or all or some of its inhabitants.


What can a Small Grant be used for?

A small grant, up to £200, can be used for one-off minor capital or non-recurring revenue grants, for example, new equipment and materials, structural or conversion work, staff/volunteer training and publications, pilot projects, guest speakers and other expenses.

Receiving a grant this year, does not guarantee that future applications will be successful.


Who is eligible for a Small Grant?

The grant must benefit the residents within the boundary of the Pontypridd Town Council’s area.  Organisations helped in the past have included youth groups, sports clubs, arts groups, charitable bodies and various other societies and event organisations.

Grants provided by the Council can support an organisation’s general funding and provide support towards a special project.


Funding is available to for example:

  • not for profit organisations that it uses all monetary surplus solely for the purpose of its objectives and not to financially benefit its members in any way.
  • incorporated associations.
  • funding can only be provided to support initiatives that are for charitable or benevolent purposes and those that seek to do good works for others in the community.  This may include relieving poverty or sickness, addressing the needs of the young or the aged, advancing education or otherwise to benefit the community.
  • assist community organisations.


Who is ineligible for a Small Grant?

Small grants will not be awarded for:

  • statutory services.
  • organisations that have large reserves that are not designated for a specific purpose.
  • organisations that have received a grant from this Scheme in the previous year, but have not returned a report on how the money was spent
  • organisations that do not operate in or do not clearly benefit all or some of the people in the Council’s area.
  • one-off social event and transport costs.
  • individuals, private or for profit organisation.
  • in respect of land/property “owned/let/licensed out” by the Council.
  • schemes that qualify for financial assistance from another statutory source.


When considering your application:

We will look at:

  • how well the grant will meet the needs of the community, specifically how it will benefit the people residing within Pontypridd Town Council’s area (specify if possible the extent of any such benefit in the community).
  • how effectively your group will use the grant.
  • whether the costs are appropriate and realistic.
  • level of contributions raised locally.
  • whether the applicant could reasonably have been expected to obtain sufficient funding from a more appropriate source including a grant or financial assistance available under other legislation
  • how the group is managed.


How can an application be made to the Small Grants Scheme?

Applications can be made to the Small Grants Scheme by completing the relevant application form available from Pontypridd Town Council and returned by 31st August.

Application forms received after this date cannot be considered.

Application forms can be completed in English or Welsh.

Grants will be allocated for amounts up to £200.00.  Applicants are encouraged to ask for amount within this range.  Pontypridd Town Council will not be looking for attempts to raise additional money for relatively small amounts – so please ask for what you really need.

Small Grant applications forms or help in completing an application is available from:

Pontypridd Town Council, 133 Berw Road, Pontypridd, CF37 2AA.

Telephone Number:  01443 490740


Pontypridd Town Council will use the data provided by applicants only in relation to this scheme and will retain for a period of one year solely for purposes in connection with this Scheme.







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